Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear in class?

If you are a beginner, wear comfortable clothing such as stretchy sports pants and a t-shirt. We do stretches on the floor during class so please dress appropriately. Hula is danced with bare feet. However, if you are more comfortable wearing socks or shoes please let your instructor know. Only shoes that have been scrubbed clean or never been worn outside on the street can be used on the studio floor. Once you join the halau, you will need to purchase a halau t-shirt and get a pa'u skirt (girls and ladies only).

Is it okay to just drop in to see how I like it?

You are welcome to sign-up for a 6-Week Hula Basics session to try it out before committing to on-going monthly hula classes. At this time, we do not offer drop-in classes. Feel free to visit our Events page or contact us to be included on our e-mail list and we will notify you of our upcoming performances. It is a great way to get a first-hand look at what we do and a peek at the performance level of dance!

Can I bring my children while I am in class?

We find that even the best of children have a hard time waiting for their caregivers to finish a class. So out of courtesy for all, we ask that students find a sitter.

How long will it take to move to the next level?

Individuals learn at different paces. If you are committed to coming to class every week, practicing diligently and making changes in your dance form where needed, you will progress further than someone who isn’t equally committed. Your teacher will be happy to let you know when it is time for you to advance to the next level. It is not a decision that you will have to make on your own.

I’ve never had hula before but I have taken many years of other types of dance. Can I start in the intermediate or advanced hula classes?

If you’ve never taken hula classes before, the 6-Week Hula Basics session is the place to start regardless of previous dance experience. In fact, having previous dance experience might make Hula more challenging. For example, if you are used to having your feet turn out when standing tall, you will have to re-train your feet to stand parallel, your toes in alignment with you your heels. Because of this policy, the 6-Week Basics session is made up of students in all stages of dance. Your teacher will be able to assess your hula and assist you in registering for the class that best fits your skill level.

I’ve had hula before, what class should I be in?

Depending on how long of a lapse you’ve hand since your last class, you would either start with a 6-Week Basic Hula Session or Beginning Hula Level I. From there, you may be asked to join an upper level class once your skill level is determined. Hula styles may vary from teacher to teacher and by refreshing your hula at a beginning level, you will get a solid foundation of the style that is taught in our hula school.

When can I start performing?

We tell all of our students that as a representative of our hula school, you have the responsibility of being “performance ready” before presenting hula in public. Therefore, your instructor will work with you to determine which songs you will be able to perform and to let you know when you are HSSC performance ready! As a beginner, you may not have enough knowledge as to what may be appropriate to chant or dance at an event. It is important to understand the obligation of your teacher to present the hula appropriately and with the integrity of the Hawaiian culture. Hula is fun and enjoyable to watch when it’s done right.

I’m currently taking hula with a teacher but would like to expand my knowledge. Is it okay to be taking from two teachers at the same time?

Each circumstance is different. It’s best to speak with your present teacher to address the reasons why you would like to study with someone else.

Can I learn from other teachers at hula workshops?

Always consult with your teacher before signing up for a workshop. It is important to ask what the workshop protocol is regarding performing the songs that you’ve learned there. Before performing a song that you learn at a workshop, it should be approved by the teacher who taught it to you and your current teacher.

Can I teach songs that I’ve learned in class to others?

The songs learned in our hula school can be shared through dancing them at performances but may not be taught to others without permission.


The contents listed here are relevant only to students of the Hula School of Santa Cruz and does not reflect the philosophy or protocols of other hula schools.


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