Class Descriptions


6-Week Hula Basics Session

If you have never taken hula before, haven’t danced in a while or would like to experience our hula school’s style of hula, this is the best place to start. In-depth instruction is given on the first set of hula steps along with a few basic hands motions. Students will also learn Hawaiian language phrases associated with the hula. Some students repeat the 6-Week Hula Basic Session before moving on to Level I.

Level I (Beginning)

A continuation in the mastery of the 6-Week Hula Basics Session, students learn how to smoothly transition from one hula movement to the next. Simple hand gestures will be added along with the basic steps. Vocal exercises and chanting are also introduced at this level. If you have had prior hula instruction, this is the level where you would begin when joining our hula school.

Level II (Intermediate)

Building on to the knowledge of basic hula steps, a new set of steps is introduced and the choreography becomes more challenging. The focus will be spent on the intricacies of each dance and expressing from the heart. Hula instruments are incorporated into the repertoire at this intermediate level.

Level III (Advanced)

A performance level class, the student must have proficiency in chanting, dancing and using hula instruments. The choreography is the most challenging and dances are taught at a much faster pace. A higher expectation of knowledge and commitment is required at this level.

Gracious Ladies (Beginning to Advanced)

Catered to those who prefer a more gentle approach to hula and for those who are limited in their range of motion due to injuries, women of all ages who have completed Level I can request to join this class where dances are learned at a more relaxed pace. The Gracious Ladies claim to have the most fun!



Keiki Level I (ages 5 – 11)

Basic hula steps, Hawaiian phrases, simple chants, and hand motions are learned. With repetition and consistency in attending class, students will easily learn the repertoire.

Keiki Level II (Instructor’s approval)

Keiki Level II students build on the fundamentals learned in Level I. At this level, the student builds a foundation of the basic hula steps and can perform dances with confidence and grace.

* It is our mission to teach our students to be graceful hula dancers. Therefore mastery of each stage is needed before moving on to the next level of instruction. Our staff work with each student to determine the class that best suits their instructional needs.



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Beginning Class Members

Beginning Class Members